DIY MIB1 to MIB2 Infotainment Conversion (Part 1)


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2015 Golf TDI S
Just got appconnect activated, and love it. Jack was very through during the procedure of activating appconnect. I had already removed the component protection on my unit, so it was just activating appconnect. Had to download a few files, teamviewer, vmware with his software on it. probably around 3GB total in downloads overall. I kinda tried watching him to see what he was doing but didn't understand alot of it. Contacting him was a little tricky, I found most success contacting him on weekdays after 2am PST. Like everyone said before you do need the Dlink Dube-100, Ethernet cable, SD card, and VCDS or vas5054a. I tried at first with a vas5054a, but it was too difficult to setup, so i just went with VCDS. Overall it wasn't too bad, just the timezone difference :\ After having appconnect though, I kind of want a 8in screen now haha, more money to spend :D


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Don’t suppose anyone is selling/loaning/renting the hardware needed for Jack to work his magic... I have a Composition Media unit from a Mk6 Jetta that I’m ultimately going to install in my ‘08 R32.

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Hello everyone,

I need your help with setting up an aftermarket Carplay unit in my Golf MK 7 (2014. built year). I've been searching online and I've found this tutorial so I need someone if possible to confirm if these are the right steps.

Tutorial link:

Thank you in advance!
Not sure why they have you remove glovebox. I never had to to replace head unit. In the first paragraph of the DIY post, I put a link from Vortex that shows exact steps for removing head unit.