DIY: MDI update walkthrough


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I remember reading that apple firmware is sketchy when interfacing to the mdi port. Vw blames apple, apple blames vw
Yeah I've read that too. My phone interfaces fine with my roommates '14 Passat. Still haven't gotten my cord in but I'll update with results.


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I know this is going to be a silly question.... and if was answered in this thread, forgive me because I just skimmed the posts but

This doesn't apply to the basic RCD 310 also does it?


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Having the same issue. Waiting for my MDI->USB adapter to come in so I can attempt a firmware update and see if the issue is resolved. The dealer wanted "a couple hundred" for the update. They wanted to rip the stereo apart looking for bad wiring or something but since I found the cable for $12 I figured I'd try an at home approach rather than wait for the dealer.

I'll let you know if the firmware update solves the MKVI GTI iPhone 5 compatibility issue.

Update time. IT WORKS! The $12 cord from China came today (finally) and I applied update #3 (subsequent files did not update it further) and my iPhone 5 is now working on the MDI. Schwing!


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Hate to revive such an old thread.. but is this for the rns 310 or 315? also my hardware and software version are completely dif. to the ones above..

Software version: 0007
System hardware version: H04

Any help would be great, can't use my iPhone 5s or iPod nano with the MDI, shows no media connected.


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Hate to revive such an old thread.. but is this for the rns 310 or 315? also my hardware and software version are completely dif. to the ones above..

Software version: 0007
System hardware version: H04

Any help would be great, can't use my iPhone 5s or iPod nano with the MDI, shows no media connected.
I could update to the firmware version 90, 110, and 150. But I couldn't update to 240 or 546. Mine is a 2010 model.

Made it so that it would charge my iPhone 5s, but that's it. I get the accessory not supported message on the car, and (now) on the iPhone.


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Anyone have the udpate files that can send it to me.

I downloaded from the page but only works the 90, 110 and 150 firmwares. The 240 or 546 firmwares are the same file as the 150 in size. I made a compare between does files and are the same.

Anyone have the files that can upload it in some page or send it to me, or have another page where we can download them.

Thanks a lot.


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Hi, sorry to resuscitate this old thread.

I have RNS310 with MDI. RNS310 is SW 231, but I guess that's not relevant. I'm not sure what the current SW version of the MDI is but it's never been updated (as far as I know) and the car was built March 2010 so I guess it's the oldest one. I used the MDI happily for a good few years with my iPhone 4 but now wish to use iPhone 6. Before I invest in new MDI-USB and possibly MDI-lightning cables I wanted to find out:

(a) can my MDI be made to work with the iPhone 6 and its lightning connector?
(b) if answer to (a) is yes, is there any need to update the MDI?
(c) If answer to (b) is no, can I just buy the MDI-Lightning cable? I read about some people using the Apple dock-lightning connector successfully with their MDI, but maybe this is just for more recent MDI versions.
(d) if answer to (b) is yes, which version do I need to have to be able to use iPhone 6?

Thanks a lot for your help.


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Bump to this, did my unit this morning ( 2009 build car with rcd310), works much better

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Here is a quick walkthrough on how to update your MDI interface to the most recent firmware revision. The procedure is really easy and straight forward. But now here is the legal mumbo jumbo:
I am not responsible for any damages to your car or computer due to computer viruses, acts of god, electrical shorts, etc.
Now onto the good stuff...

This update helps alleviate the following issues when using the AUX input for devices such as an IPOD.
During the 3 years ive owned this car my IPOD interface was not the most reliable. Occasionally the MDI interface would disconnect my ipod and I would have to unplug it two to three times to get it to re-connect. Then more often than not it would not display the correct song playing, it would display the name of the song that was playing previously. I finally got fed up with dealing with these issues and ordered a MDI to USB cable from keffervw.

You will need the following parts:
1. MDI to female USB adaptor
vw part # 000 051 446 B

2. USB drive formatted as FAT32

1. go to the following website:
These are the following updates for the MDI interface released by VW

1. This was released during week 33 of 2009 Firmware rev. 090. If you have an early 2010 GTI you will have this at the start so continue on to the next updates

2. This was released during week 22 of 2010 Firmware rev. 111.

3. This was released during week 22 of 2011 firmware rev. 150

4. This was released during week 22 of 2011 firmware rev. 240

5. This was released during week 22 of 2012 firmware rev. 530
THIS WILL NOT WORK ON YOUR MDI IF YOUR CAR WAS MADE BEFORE week 22 of 2012 so this link is more of a placeholder than an actual download link.

Now onto the install:
1. Make sure your USB drive is formatted as FAT16 or FAT32. If it is not you will have to use your windows based PC to format it. Typically all 4-8GB USB drives are formatted as FAT32 so you might not have to format it.
NOTE: if your laptop/PC only has the options of formatting in NTFS or exFAT then you will need to download a FAT32 formatter
I used the following link for a home version of a formatter:

2. Once the USB drive is formatted you will have to download the updates. Since my car is a 2010, built in 11/2009 I had the lowest firmware available so I started with firmware rev. 111. I downloaded from the links i posted above and downloaded it to the USB drive. Once its downloaded you will need to change the file name from mdi.bin.kwxx-20xx.enc to mdi.bin.enc, you might not see the .enc at the end of the file, this is fine, just make sure the mdi.bin name is shown.

3. Once the file has been renamed, unplug the USB from the computer.

4. Install the USB to MDI adaptor to your MDI interface under your arm rest. If you have the IPOD adaptor already installed then remove it.

5. Turn your car to accessory mode and turn on your head unit.

6. Plug in the USB cable and turn the head unit to AUX mode

7. After about 5 seconds you will see the display change to "Software update"

8. After a minute you will see the display change to "Update complete"

9. Remove the USB drive from the cable and re-install to the computer

10. Delete the file and move onto the next firmware revision.

I did updates 2 & 3 to my MDI. Update 4 was not able to be downloaded. However when I checked my firmware it showed as firmware rev. 240. So whatever it did it seemed to update it to the newest firmware.

The MDI interface was much faster than the original firmware
Song changes were working properly with no hickups as of yet.

Any questions feel free to PM me