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  1. imthanick_a

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Keep an eye out for a blue miata with homemade aero and white lettering, some stickers than say downforceDan. He is a coworker of mine and runs Nelson Ledges all the time
  2. imthanick_a

    Bugatti record broken.

    Hes not even hard to understand lol
  3. imthanick_a

    Bugatti record broken.

    Apparently its fake? I'm reading into it and a lot of people questioned the validity since the speedometer was blurred in the video and folks ran the math to find out it did not add up to the speed that was advertised. Idk the validity of the claims that it is fake, but they are convincing Here...
  4. imthanick_a

    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    Could be hard water stains too from spots that got wet after a wash but you would think those would come off relatively easily
  5. imthanick_a

    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    I had those spots when i let my trim restorer sit for too long and it dried out. They are still there and I can't get them off. I've pulled the pieces off and soaked them in degreaser, tried to use trim restorer to "rehydrate" it and remove it, tried wd40, brake cleaner, car wash soap, pressure...
  6. imthanick_a

    Metallic Trim around DSG Gearlever

    Google search this issue, theres lots of threads about it. Its a safety hazard, dont cut yourself
  7. imthanick_a

    Seal, warranty

    That happens to mine too
  8. imthanick_a

    Fault: Vehicle Lighting

    and OP was never heard from again.
  9. imthanick_a

    2017 Tiguan Engine tick/knock

    Yeah it could be completely normal. Not quite sure. I'm taking it for an oil change soon so I'll have them listen to see what they think.
  10. imthanick_a

    What did you get in the mail or bring home for your MKVII today?

    This sounds like the equivalent of fixing a check engine light with electrical tape lol
  11. imthanick_a

    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    You just gotta be patient and not expect the car to move the second you start letting off the brake. Like you posted after this, the DSG feathers the clutches after you let off the brake. Start letting off a little bit and wait, then a little more, and wait, until you get used to the engagement...
  12. imthanick_a

    2017 Tiguan Engine tick/knock

    I checked that first thing based on either humblemechanic or shopdap , I've got the revised one
  13. imthanick_a

    Heated mirrors on at 10C?

    Youre overthinking. Mine have been left on almost the entire time I've had the car, almost 5 years. They are fine, no battery issues, still on original OEM battery
  14. imthanick_a

    Hoon's DIYish Engine Build Thread

    I always thought the temperature warning was silly. Like, bitch, I know its cold outside my ass just puckered from sitting on the leather seats
  15. imthanick_a

    Patricia Shadowfax 2017 Reflex Silver GTI S

    Hey man, driveways aren't cheap. Mine looks pretty similar. Still has twenty years left on it lol
  16. imthanick_a

    Patricia Shadowfax 2017 Reflex Silver GTI S

    More trees more better
  17. imthanick_a

    Golf TSI good traveling car?

    Im just confused how you put 50k on your car but don't know if its a good car to drive..?