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    Turbo Muffler Delete + Aftermarket Charge Pipe = Custom Coupling?

    For anyone with an aftermarket turbo muffler delete of the 2.5" variety as well as an 2.5" aftermarket charge pipe, what did you do for a silicone coupling? Purchasing either of these usually gets you a reducer from the 2.5" ID of the aftermarket piece to the 2-2.25" stock ID. I'm about to...
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    Forge Intake Hose - Too Short?

    Just purchased a Forge intake hose and it's 1-1.5 cm too short, anyone have a similar experience with any intake hoses? If I fit it all the way on to the airbox side there's a small gap to the turbo inlet (I have the Forge one as well), I'd want a ~1cm overlap to fit securely. Trying to fit it...
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    FS: New CS/CSS Engine Mount, Golf R/S3 Intercooler, OEM Resonator Delete Kit, Intake Manifold, Euro MPI Injectors

    New OEM CS/CSS Engine Mount 5Q0199262DG - $100 shipped New OEM Resonator Delete Kit - $150 shipped Used OEM Golf R/S3 Intercooler - $100 picked up (NYC) Removed from my 2015 S3 (same part as Golf R). Good shape, no damage to any of the tabs/mounting points. The yellow clips will be included...
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    (Solved) Exhaust Heat Shield Clips - Part Lookup

    Hi all, Quick one - does anyone know/can anyone look up the part no. for the plastic locking circular clips for the exhaust heat shields? Removed mine to get to the propshaft and a few of the plastic retaining tabs snapped off, would like to replace as some aren't holding tightly anymore. In...
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    [Closed] Golf R/S3 Rear Swaybar + Endlinks

    Removed from my 2015 S3, no damage. Not compatible with FWD. **No longer available**
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    FS: IE Turbo Inlet Pipe, Stock RSB, DP, IC, Haldex

    Up for sale is a like-new IE turbo inlet pipe/elbow - SOLD ($80 shipped) Also a few stock parts off my 15 S3: Rear sway bar w/ endlinks (part no. 5Q0511305BE) - $80 shipped Downpipe - $250 picked up in Baltimore Intercooler - $100 picked up in Baltimore Haldex (no controller, unit...
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    WTB: AWE Resonated Performance Downpipe for MQB AWD

    Looking for the above to install before black friday this year. Please let me know if you have one available or will have one in the coming months. Thanks
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    Replacing Rear Diff

    Hi all, I'll be replacing the rear diff of my currently-fwd 15 S3 and wanted to know torque specs for all the bolts - does someone here have the service manual handy please? 6 flange bolts (axles -> diff) 3 propshaft bolts 3 diff mount bolts 4 rear subframe bolts (believe these are 70NM +...