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    Turbo Muffler Delete + Aftermarket Charge Pipe = Custom Coupling?

    This is my charge pipe, but I guess a lot of charge pipe kits look like the EQT one so this isn't too common...
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    Turbo Muffler Delete + Aftermarket Charge Pipe = Custom Coupling?

    For anyone with an aftermarket turbo muffler delete of the 2.5" variety as well as an 2.5" aftermarket charge pipe, what did you do for a silicone coupling? Purchasing either of these usually gets you a reducer from the 2.5" ID of the aftermarket piece to the 2-2.25" stock ID. I'm about to...
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    PVC gone bad?

    Thanks, ordered one. Vwpartsvortex has it for $102+shipping ($8 for me)
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    PVC gone bad?

    Whats the latest part no/revision? Why was your engine replaced? Thx
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    IE v2 Intercooler with CSF radiator fitment

    I didn't need to dremel my radiator/IC plastic shroud when installing v2 (supposedly it's a requirement for v1; probably some improvements to mounting/fitment).
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    MAP sensor upgrade

    For anyone going this route, the PR boost tap comes with a 1/8 NPT fitting at the end, leaving about 3/4" clearance to the airbox with the sensor connector attached. Not sure if there are others which allow the sensor to bolt right up.
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    IS20 Instalation Guide (1.8t)

    Not to derail but for those seeing this it's very possible. I used these (not the tallest jack stands) under the front only and twisting + contorting (rearmost section ends up swinging out from the pass side a bit) it came out relatively quickly. Maneuvering around the flexible firewall heat...
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    IS20 Instalation Guide (1.8t)

    Applies to AWD as well? I understand in that case prop shaft gets in the way (also uses stretch bolts which need to be replaced) and AWD DP is much more work to remove as well. Might not be worth it if it can be avoided, even at the cost of extra couple hrs wrestling the lines. About to order...
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    Precision race works MPI install

    Thanks to this thread (and particularly some of the recommended tools) MPI install was a breeze this weekend. Only thing I can add is for cars with studs (8 bolts + 2 nuts), installing the hard line before manifold is not an option. Also, just loosening the 10mm triple square at the bottom of...
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    WTS: H&R 24mm Rear Sway Bar, Superpro Front/Rear Endlinks, Eurocode F/R Chassis Braces

    I think the rear endlinks are fine - from my experience and speaking to them the dust covers coming off isn't a big deal as long as the bushing inside is in good shape (which after 2k miles it still should be). Did they say the part was revised in any way when yours were warrantied?
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    Forge Intake Hose - Too Short?

    Just purchased a Forge intake hose and it's 1-1.5 cm too short, anyone have a similar experience with any intake hoses? If I fit it all the way on to the airbox side there's a small gap to the turbo inlet (I have the Forge one as well), I'd want a ~1cm overlap to fit securely. Trying to fit it...
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    MAP sensor upgrade

    Found the AEM 5 bar map sensor on sale for $135 shipped if anyone needs one